Of Borrowed Lawnmowers and United Methodist Clergy Status

by Bob Phillips A man went to his neighbor’s house and asked to borrow his lawnmower. The neighbor said no. The man politely asked why, since it was sitting unused in the garage. The neighbor replied, “Well, I have to shave.” Puzzled, the man asked, “Do you shave with your lawnmower?” The neighbor replied, “Friend,Continue reading “Of Borrowed Lawnmowers and United Methodist Clergy Status”

Methodist Mitosis 2.0: New Thoughts on a Needed Direction

by Bob Phillips In a recent piece in Firebrand Magazine, Kevin Watson made this painful, accurate observation: “The United Methodist Church chose the route of ugly and bitter divorce.” The Bad News So it seems. In an article published in Methodist Review in January, 2021 I spoke of the possibility of a Methodist Mitosis asContinue reading “Methodist Mitosis 2.0: New Thoughts on a Needed Direction”

Killing The Messenger Is In Vogue Again

Since, racist, bigoted, patriarchal, trans/homophobic, sexist, male chauvinist, cis-biased, privileged, colonizer has worked so well over the decades to stifle speech, silence the dissenters, and retain the narrative when challenged, let us add to that the charge of ‘mis-informer’, or one who is accused of trafficking in ‘misinformation’. You see, to be labeled as oneContinue reading “Killing The Messenger Is In Vogue Again”