On Postludes and Preludes: A Collaborative Approach to General Conference 2024

by Chris Ritter I serve a church with a tight Sunday worship schedule. On occasion the preacher is so long-winded that the postlude for one service becomes the prelude for the next. None of us much like the music being played in the UMC currently. But what sounds like a dirge is also the preludeContinue reading “On Postludes and Preludes: A Collaborative Approach to General Conference 2024”

“Say Whaaat?”: The Continuing WCA within the Continuing UMC

by Bob Phillips The recent May global gathering of the Wesleyan Covenant Association brought a public shift in the wording of its mission. In the aftermath, numerous folks of left, center and right theological convictions ask how one can remain in both the UMC and the WCA without either developing spiritual schizophrenia or becoming aContinue reading ““Say Whaaat?”: The Continuing WCA within the Continuing UMC”

UM Fallout: January-April 2022 Archive

Click Here to Join Team Caffeine Explore this document with your browser’s search feature. Fallout archives are also available for: 2021, 2020, 2019, or earlier. “Updates for Mt. Bethel” via North Georgia Conference. “The Trustees of the North Georgia Conference of The United Methodist Church and Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church are engaged in aContinue reading “UM Fallout: January-April 2022 Archive”

Judicial Council Rules ‘No’

By Chuck Griffin, Holston WCA President The United Methodist Church’s Judicial Council has ruled whether an annual conference can vote to withdraw from the UMC and move to the GMC. In short, the answer is no—not without the General Conference first meeting and passing enabling legislation. Once again, the conspiracy to prevent a General ConferenceContinue reading “Judicial Council Rules ‘No’”

United in God

Here’s a link to a pertinent post from Methodist Life. There’s a reference in that item to decisions we must make soon as traditional Methodists. Our annual conference leaders continue to emphasize an onerous process for churches wanting to go to the Global Methodist Church, and we still await a decision from the United MethodistContinue reading “United in God”

“Get Out” – The Movie, the Methodists, the Next Chapter — People Need Jesus

by Bob Phillips In 2017 African American actor/writer Jordan Peele created the horror-suspense movie, “Get Out,” for public consumption. The movie was a hit, actually more like a slug in the face of audiences with its suspenseful plot and numerous squirm-and-scream moments. Peele was awarded an Oscar for Best Screenplay, and saw the movie earn […]Continue reading ““Get Out” – The Movie, the Methodists, the Next Chapter — People Need Jesus”