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Top Ten Q&A on Disaffiliation

by Bob Phillips “Oh well, allow me to retort.” Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction This is an exercise in ‘rounding up the usual suspects,’ dealing with recurring, predictable and legitimate questions surrounding disaffiliation in the United Methodist Church. Reflect. Enjoy! 1 Why do things happening in UM churches in Colorado or Massachusetts or CaliforniaContinue reading “Top Ten Q&A on Disaffiliation”

Five Reality Checks Before Going Independent

by Bob Phillips I have good friends and know fine churches that have or will disaffiliate from the UMC for independent status, “non-denominational” in identity (even though they finally may align with one of the many ‘non-denominational denominations’ dotting the landscape). In 1950 “Mainline” Protestants such as Methodist, Episcopal, Lutheran, and Presbyterian ruled the culturalContinue reading “Five Reality Checks Before Going Independent”

Six Top Tips, Tactics, and Thumb-Twiddling in the Disaffiliation Discernment Process

by Bob Phillips When I served four years as Protestant Chaplain at the US Coast Guard Academy, my office was awash in the summer and Fall with incoming freshmen (called ‘swabs’) wondering if they made a mistake and should leave. My job was not to talk them into staying or pushing them to leave, butContinue reading “Six Top Tips, Tactics, and Thumb-Twiddling in the Disaffiliation Discernment Process”

Eight Insights for Churches Considering Disaffiliation from the UMC

by Bob Phillips Yes, typically articles like this highlight the “seven top” this or that. Sometimes seven isn’t enough. In any event, the health and integrity of the question of possible disaffiliation offers a gift to every church willing to do the work. As you will see, the answer for any one church is notContinue reading “Eight Insights for Churches Considering Disaffiliation from the UMC”

Get a Lawyer

Churches within the Holston Conference have formed a coalition to explore what legal options might be available. Get a Lawyer

Hard Questions and Protestant Churches: We Can Do Better — David F. Watson

Protestants aren’t very good at dealing with difficult social/ethical issues. Roman Catholics, while they have their own problems, are much better at this. Why? They have an extensive body of theological and ethical teaching produced for the church and adopted by the church. In my own Methodist world, we have nothing really like this. We […]Continue reading “Hard Questions and Protestant Churches: We Can Do Better — David F. Watson”

WHAT THA. . . ??????????

If you were expecting another “Oh, Lord! It’s Monday!” post, it’s not happening today. There’s something bigger and more important on my heart–in fact–it’s been on my heart since early yesterday morning. You see, I made a mistake–I spend some time on Facebook. One of the groups that I follow is the United Methodist ClergyContinue reading “WHAT THA. . . ??????????”

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