Why Your Pastor Isn’t Talking about #UMC Separation

by Chris Ritter Concerned laity see the United Methodist separation snowball picking up speed and may be puzzled that their own pastors give small mention of it. For every pastor (like me) who talks about the problems and advocates solutions, there are many more who keep their heads low. There are a number of reasonsContinue reading “Why Your Pastor Isn’t Talking about #UMC Separation”


I haven’t written anything lately. Even though the Church Conferences for the congregations I serve is coming up November 20, Debbie and I needed a respite from all that’s happening. But this morning, I find myself prompted to write. Sometimes I just wish The Spirit wasn’t so pushy on me. Nonetheless, here I write. TheContinue reading “AND THE TENT KEEPS GETTING SMALLER: MORE FROM THE SOUTHEASTERN JURISDICTION!”

A Radical Proposal for Recovery of Doctrine in the Global Methodist Church

The team that produced the doctrinal section of the Transitional Book of Doctrine and Discipline (TDD) gave us an excellent work. They began with existing doctrinal statements of the 1968 uniting conference of the UMC (such as they were) so that we might have continuity and common reference points. They are forthright in their affirmations,Continue reading “A Radical Proposal for Recovery of Doctrine in the Global Methodist Church”

Hopes for a New Church

by Chris Ritter The 2022 Jurisdictional Conferences provided a clear view of a post-separation UMC no longer frustrated by the presence of Traditionalist leaders. The UMC in America aspires to be connected globally but governed separately as a U.S.-based Mainline denomination. It will be permissive, institutional, and at peace if in regrettable but dignified decline.Continue reading “Hopes for a New Church”

Revival from the Roots (Part Two): Christianity’s Obituary

by Chris Ritter Jesus promised: “I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.” Two thousand years later some 2.2 billion people call themselves Christians. In between, there have been any number of advances, retreats, deformations and reformations. We live in a time when Christian faith seems to beContinue reading “Revival from the Roots (Part Two): Christianity’s Obituary”