Killing The Messenger Is In Vogue Again

Since, racist, bigoted, patriarchal, trans/homophobic, sexist, male chauvinist, cis-biased, privileged, colonizer has worked so well over the decades to stifle speech, silence the dissenters, and retain the narrative when challenged, let us add to that the charge of ‘mis-informer’, or one who is accused of trafficking in ‘misinformation’. You see, to be labeled as oneContinue reading “Killing The Messenger Is In Vogue Again”

South Carolina: Disaffiliation Votes End This Week

This essay will address some good things happening in South Carolina that are worthy of mention and analyze the current-and-near-future state of the church in South Carolina. Takeaways: Expect about 50 churches to present a formal request to the South Carolina Conference Trustees to close the church and transfer the property to a new entity.Continue reading “South Carolina: Disaffiliation Votes End This Week”

Simple Stuff: Top Minor Tweaks Offered in the Global Methodist Church

by Bob Phillips The creation of a new Wesleyan Christian expression will include some profound changes for congregations. Bluntly, any local church that sees the main changes for aligning with the GMC as the end of the trust clause, the reduction of apportionments and a change in the church sign, in the words of WestleyContinue reading “Simple Stuff: Top Minor Tweaks Offered in the Global Methodist Church”

CHOSEN FOR A PURPOSE: A Homily for the Congregations of the Global Methodist Church

Ordination of Francis Asbury CHOSEN FOR A PURPOSE A Homily for the congregations of the Global Methodist Church {I have published portions of this homily in various places over the years. If you are a frequent reader, parts will sound familiar} This church has been preserved through a great and continuing conflict. This morning weContinue reading “CHOSEN FOR A PURPOSE: A Homily for the Congregations of the Global Methodist Church”

Caution Precedes Confidence: Avoiding the John Wayne Syndrome

by Bob Phillips John Wayne remains one of my favorite Hollywood (re-actors). I say it that way because he famously said, “I don’t act. I react.” He charges into the saloon and gets the bad guys. He charges into the barn and saves the horse. He charges the hill and whacks the enemy. Cover fromContinue reading “Caution Precedes Confidence: Avoiding the John Wayne Syndrome”