Why I must dismiss the theology of Luis De Molina

Be forewarned; I’m not a prolific writer. I’m not of academia, nor am I a well-recognized theologian. I’m just a very rural and a very small church pastor who simply wants to guard over Christ’s most precious possession here on earth as He has entrusted to me no matter how few they are. It’s myContinue reading “Why I must dismiss the theology of Luis De Molina”


In a blog post, recently released by Keith Boyette, President of the Wesleyan Covenant Association, Keith recalls a recent meeting of four members of the Protocol Mediation Team meeting with Wisconsin Annual Conference delegates to the General and Jurisdictional Conferences and how those four team members communicated their continued support for the Protocol Legislation. InContinue reading “STAY, GO AWAY, OR DELAY”

How Long Will Doing Nothing Drag On?

Recently, the Vermillion River District Committee on Ministry of the Illinois-Great Rivers Annual Conference (IGRC) unanimously approved Isaac Simmons as a candidate for ministry. Now, a candidacy approval in a DCOM is not unusual in itself. In fact, this process continues in every Annual Conference’s districts as the church continues to assess the gifts andContinue reading “How Long Will Doing Nothing Drag On?”