Better Together or Bitter Together?

People Need Jesus

by Bob Phillips

A lot of chatter filling the Methodist air regarding the forthcoming division is framed around the assumption that the United Methodist Church is “better together.” Seminars are being planned in advance of annual conferences to make laity and clergy wise in the blessings found in staying together. The disaffected right/left wing fringe folks can leave, for in spirit they left the institutional a long time ago. The broad and gracious middle remains the centering point, the critical mass holding the denomination together, with room for those who are right of center and left of center as the institutional wingspread lifting the moderate center.

Jesus’ prayer that “they may be one,” is the key. Rodney King’s plea amid the LA riots, “Can’t we all just get along” is the theme. Father Wesley routinely is referenced in his wisdom, “If we cannot think alike, can we not love alike?”…

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