Welcome to Omnia Methodist

This cite and attached Facebook page is dedicated to bringing you the news and information those of the Wesleyan/Methodist tradition are most interested in. Times are definitely difficult and unsure. The cultural and political world around us is always changing. But the one thing we can rest assured in is that Jesus Christ never changes.

To that end, we follow the God whose nature and word never changes and in that we draw our hope for the future. Each day, on our Facebook feed, we bring to you the latest in news articles and information from various Methodist sources. There are encouraging and uplifting podcasts and educational webinars that are shared occasionally that will enrich you. Daily devotional postings will inspire you and build your faith. You will receive the latest information regarding the possibility of a new expression of Methodism and what that may mean for you. And, to the best of our ability, we will keep you informed as to upcoming dates for important events such as General Conference and others.

To get all of this sent directly to you is easy. Simply go to the Facebook page @omniamethodist and be sure to click follow. After that, all that we post should find its way directly to your news feed. Enjoy the site. Be encouraged in what you read and what is shared. And, be sure to share with others so they also can be informed!


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