“All Aboard!” (Part Two): The Global Methodist Church Express

People Need Jesus

“If you didn’t want to go to Minneapolis, why did you get on the train?”
(Lake Woebegon priest in annual birth control homily)

The first edition of this duet offered insight, speculation and probably some hot air regarding the destination of the express train called the Continuing United Methodist Church. The US church will undergo a significant theological and cultural shift, an expansion of boundaries, a more broadly “inclusive” vision of Christianity allowing for increased diversity in matters of doctrine, conduct, and values. It promises to be a ride toward a destination clearly aligned with more progressive Western culture and assumption. It will do good and many riders will be wonderfully surprised and welcome the subtle shift in destination. Other riders may just be ‘surprised’ and perhaps bewildered by some of the unintended consequences of the journey.

This second edition offers insight, speculation and probably some hot air on the…

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